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Entries from July 2008

Hello HAWAII!!!

July 21st, 2008 · 9 Comments

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Bye Seattle.

July 20th, 2008 · 12 Comments

Bye Harmonie. I’ll miss you, slut. (Photo by Steve White)

Good bye Chad, you rugged man-beast. (Photo by Steve White.)

Ciao Veneta! Good luck in NYC! Send my coats my love. (Photo by Steve White)

So long Steve White. Come visit us in the ‘aina anytime. (Photo not by Steve White.)

Bye […]

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Recovery, take 2 (jenn)

July 13th, 2008 · 8 Comments

(Every now and then you have to delete a blog to make sure you wanted to post it in the first place… apologies for the lost comments.)
I. Song - “Origin of Love” - Hedwig and the Angry Inch

May and June were about finding new ways to survive. And writing doesn’t always fit into […]

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This one’s for the ladies…

July 9th, 2008 · 6 Comments

Thanks Steve White!

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Camping for Dummies

July 6th, 2008 · 7 Comments

July 4th Weekend
Mount Rainier, Washington

This is all too familiar.

Honey Puffs, get closer to the plaque so I can see what the mountain looks like.

Man versus nature.

Woman is unimpressed.

Ryan’s really a dirty hippie beneath his dirty-unemployed-man exterior.

Go tell me what the waterfall looks like. I’m READING.

Oh honey. It’s exactly what I always […]

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Braindroppings [Carlin]

July 1st, 2008 · 3 Comments

This is one of my favorite Prefaces ever–the Preface from George Carlin’s Braindroppings:

“For a long time, my stand-up material has drawn from three sources. The first is the English language: words, phrases, sayings, and the way we speak. The second source, as with most comedians, has been what I think of as the […]

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