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Ryan’s first entry:

I shook my 8 balls and now I see my future in my balls…

Jenn’s first entry:

hot sauce and thongs!


“But we have each other…”

Day 3: I am risen

My Happy Thanksgiving Fuck You Song

Growing Old Together

Together Again

Dance of Unemployment

Dirty Laundry: A Gibberish Musical

Love AND Luggage, Part 1

Memoirs of a Mental Retarded

From our first blog reading - Bringing Back Kerouac in Honolulu:

Jenn reads

Ryan reads

Blogs by Ryan:

Homeless is More

Road Trip Hair

good girl.

About Her

Stupid Sunset

Every Second, First

Life is Badlands

How to Smoke in a Non-Smoking Motel Room and Have it Not Work

Flip a Coin and See What Happens


I Ain’t


Unemployment Hair

120 Percent


Fire is a Really Hard Sound to Make

Blogs by Jenn:

You are particles too.


Growing Old Together

The Secrets of the Universe

Lampshade, Spigot, and the Always Challenging Egg Carton

I Hate Roaches

One Month in the Life of a Craigslist Addict

To Gummy Bear, or Not to Gummy Bear




Blogs by Ryan and Jenn:

I Hate Roaches


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